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Cryonics Addition

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So as the title says. If my dupe is about to die, I'd like to have him first in coma or whatever so I can store him somewhere and with the right medicamentation (making it useful) I should ressurect him, 1 or 2 cycles lost in bed some medicamentation its a good trade rather than being dead for good. I am aware about whats existing now, but it should be two states, coma or whatever after is disabled, lasting for more than few seconds.

This idea can be expanded to eggs and critters. I am cycle 300 I got plenty of glossy dreckos and tons of plastic, I'd like to abandon them or not keeping just one alive. 

This can be developed further more on a laboratory room where I can enhance some critters with micro chips or just create new ones, that can be created only like that. I would like one that literally goes on rampage to mafic rock, has a den and goes dormant for some cycles when there is not enough mafic rock to consume, it only gets awake when there is a fixed amount of mafic rock on the map, or even better can be put to sleep by dupes, even better is a mechanical critter. To make things balanced, lets say he needs 15 cycles to be tamed and taken care of and then released into the wild, this would make him unique and not constantly having me to feed him. Okay my ideas are raw here, I have too much imagination. But the bottom line is from cryonics we can have experimental labs on critters. I'd like having some dupes/critters/eggs floating in some liquid.

Hope is a nice idea

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