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Custom Geyser Ideas

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I got my next mod ready. I can add custom or edit all properties of existing geysers. The changes are retroactive to existing geysers and custom geysers have a chance to replace any newly generated generic geyser. Uninstalling reverses any changes, except for custom geysers which simply vanish permanently.

I am unsure which additions I should set as default. So far I added aluminum and tungsten volcano. Any suggestions are appreciated.

The changeable settings are following:

      "anim": "geyser_molten_iron_kanim",
      "id": "molten_tungsten",
      "element": "MoltenTungsten",
      "temperature": 3773.15,
      "minRatePerCycle": 200.0,
      "maxRatePerCycle": 400.0,
      "maxPressure": 150.0,
      "minIterationLength": 480.0,
      "maxIterationLength": 1080.0,
      "minIterationPercent": 0.02,
      "maxIterationPercent": 0.1,
      "minYearLength": 15000.0,
      "maxYearLength": 135000.0,
      "minYearPercent": 0.4,
      "maxYearPercent": 0.8,
      "Name": "Tungsten Volcano",
      "Description": "A large volcano that periodically erupts with molten <link=\"MOLTENTUNGSTEN\">Tungsten</link>."

Any liquid or gas would be possible. How about a super coolant geyser? Or glass?


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