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  1. This is how i set up my power spine, i dont conect nothing directly to it, i woul replace most od my large transformers to the smaller ones, and will stage all my automation, i have then all to 50%, thanks for the insights, lets hope this will help, also i will see if have some mixed cables. btw this is a test world, when i build the perfect base with my current knowlege, then restar and try to do the same in survival (need to do new things)
  2. in my last couple of worlds my heavy conductive wire is receiving damage because 20k is not enought, with the amount of automation that im having im having power spikes, all my consumers are behind large power transformers and are cut off of power by automation with a battery and a power shutoff,but is not enought and i dont want to have 2 heavy power lines, any ideas? sorry for my bad english
  3. @tjart, can i ask for a automated ranch of shove voles, i dont have any talen for design so...
  4. Nice slush geyser in that map
  5. Thanks, i was just going to try to build v 1.0, and then at the botom i saw that you update, thanks
  6. 40kg/s Regiolith Melter

    When i was reading this post i remember when mom told me, "dont play video games that would make you dumb", yeah right
  7. I began a new game (seed 666), i created farm tiles an planted mealwood, after my dups farmed the mealwood the plant dissapeared, soy now i need new seeds (sorry my bad english)