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AI Behavior Skills

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I while back, before the Ai had a proximity option, I started a discussion on steam which likely no one of interest read. so I'll post the discussion conclusion here


Dupe environment awareness should be a skill , the changes that I suggest, should be part of a new skills tree IMO, because it is not needed at the start to the game. you want to micro manage things then because otherwise the game would be boring ... while they are boring the base... and you dont want to ruin people's current base setup.

You also want to delay these abilities a little to mid game so the first skills of the set should do minimal things...

You start with the current behaviour...

You have the Awareness Skills

1-Base Cleanliness (Dupes wont drop a delivery in progress at shift end, they will complete delivery.)
2-Work Ethics (Dupes will complete a build in progress at shift end if complete-able before nightfall)
3-Personal Safety (Dupes will try their best not do something that would make it impossible to go home (where their bed is), unless the way home is already locked, and are more aware of where the closest air pocket is. lowers the chasing of the elusive air cell.... )
3-Base Layout (Dupe know the best route uses a* with cost instead of not cost, and will use faster, not shorter routes)
4-Site Management (Dupes will try to work more in their current surroundings. Task sorted by Priority then by travel cost with same priority tasks and use localised resources more efficiently. Also, will ponder a moment after a task is complete to make sure that completion did not create a more important task)


Another system is also mentioned in a post prior:


Also there should be a way to make the AI only work in one area, like specify a region like in cities skyline.... so that I can have resident in a second base... though if the AI had it's tasks sorted by both priority and (travelling) cost, this would sort of resolve itself naturally. This method would make the AI go, "what else can I do around here" when a task completes.






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