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Allow careful picking of starting dupes if the player chooses to

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When you're picking your starting 3 dupes, you can random roll them as much as you want. Even though you can specify one skill for them, you can just keep re-rolling until you get all the skills you want and the traits you want.

This falls into a trap in game design, where it feels sub-optimal unless you sit and grind re-rolls until you get exactly the dupe you want. Games like Rimworld fall into the same exact trap. What this does is encourages the player to become bored when starting a new game, and can ruin the fun.

To correct this I recommend allowing the player to optionally select all traits for the starting dupes if they wish. Add a customize feature for the dupes. Make sure to restrict them to the same kind of options that random starting dupes can have, i.e. 1 good trait, 1 bad trait, 1 behavior, and 1-3 interested skills. This way the player can opt to use the re-roll system if they wish, or if they know what they want, they can just take it. You still reserve special dupes like those with 2 or more good traits to random rolls from the printer.

Since I'm a habitual re-starter, as I tend to forget what I want to do during the work week, I've taken to expedite my game starts by save editing, but this is another hassle that shouldn't have to be. I still try follow the rules for starting dupes, but it's easy to forget a stat change when doing this.

Thanks for hearing me out.

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