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New Character Suggestion

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I thought about adding a more funny character to the game. A clown named Werner. His voice could be a clown horn and his quotes are jokes and puns about the things he examines.

His special ability could be that he can craft pies which he can use as weapons. You know, the clown throwing pies at peoples face. Also he could gain a sanity boost after throwing pies at monsters faces.

His drawback could be that he cant walk that very fast due to his big shoes and that he is afraid of rain because his make up could go away. I think he would be a great addition to the game with his ability to weaponise food and his funny jokes.


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On 6.9.2019 at 10:33 PM, YumoS said:



I dont know if its just me but "WERNER" is a german name for me.

This would(likely)solidify Wolfgang as russian(he was rumored to be german but idk)

And just imagine,the german Clown vs.  The French mime.

Better rivals than max and Wilson! XD

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