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On mods/scripts

Are scripts in The Forge fair?  

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  1. 1. Well? Are they?

    • Yes they are entirely fair
    • I like them, but think they make things slightly unfair
    • I dont like them, but I dont hate them
    • I dislike them
    • I think they should be removed entirely
    • I am unaffected/do not care about scripts

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cantbeatdaboss    502

Recently I've been thinking a lot about the fairness of mods and scripts in the Forge.  For those who dont know what I am talking about, there are special things you can do to attack fast, such as clicking between enemies and moving to cancel attack animation.  These used to take skill and timing to do, but due to mods you can now automate it to attack at a perfect speed.  This means that it is impossible for humans to achieve perfect speed and players are rewarded for essentially getting something to play the game for them.  Many of my friends are against these and I was wondering what other, less biased players think about these.  If you have a different opinion/want to voice your own thoughts feel free to comment.

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maradyne    4987

I'm one of the people that can pull off the attack spam manually.

I actually dislike it being in the game, for the same reason I dislike collision box abuse; it looks and functions like buggy, unintended behavior. It'd be one thing if it were possible to spam-attack on a single mob. But the need to jump between multiple mobs, often triggering weird animations in doing so, makes that jump from "ooh, I'm learning how to better play the game" to "this game is broken and this is bug abuse".

The other thing is...knowing how to do it myself, I can spot how it's being done. In particular, I can spot when it's being done too perfectly. Perfect execution without misclick movement from people who haven't even made it past the Boarrior and don't know how to take out the pig wave? Yea, that tells me that something might be up.
Most of the people pulling off the spam attack trick currently (in Forged Forge servers) are definitely using a mod or script to do so.

The game mode would be better with the trick removed entirely for the next official Forge run. The rest aside, it makes competing for best time...not really valid at all. If you managed to get a competetive time, either you cheated outright using a modification that partially plays the game for you, or you're a god with auto-clickers installed in your hands; normal people who want to play legit just can't compete. It's not about who's the better strategist, it's about who's the better robot. I'm all for robots, but in a competitive environment, that's pretty dumb.


TL;DR the spam attack trick is bad for game health and community interaction.

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