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Steam dlc purchase and in-game store purchase issue

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Not sure if this issue had been adressed, but I will still talk about it.


So, I have recently (Like a few days ago) noticed that you can buy some items from the DST store as DLCs on the Steam store. For example, instead of buying the Gorge bundle reskins from the DST store you can get them from the Steam store as a DLC.


What is the issue you ask? It's not ground breaking but if you buy the bundles from the in-game store, your steam wont show up that you have bought the dlc pack, but if you buy the pack from the Steam store, it will appear that you had purchased the reskin pack when you check the friends activity and when you check the bought DLCs of the game.


Is it possible to have the bundles bought via the DST Store to show on Steam aswell?

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