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BitColossus    0

The game has a high level factor of addiction, you need brain and tactical attention. It has good Ideas. But if you made a little failure, the game is over. You begin a new game. And that on beginner level. You can only store the pause point, but a retry isn‘t possible. Thereby the game is impossible hard to play. I play the game on iPad.

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Cyberboy2000    655

Beginner gives you both plenty of rewinds to fix small mistakes and even the option to retry a failed mission with a new layout. I can't speak for the iPad version but if it's like on pc it should look something like this.


If you don't have these options you should make sure that you are in fact playing with the default Beginner settings.image.png.acdd76fd9a4dadb898e56a75ef5bb3a3.png


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