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Automatic Food Delivery Setup

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This was a problem in my previous base. I thought it might be of some interest to some here.

The idea is if you have an isolated area where you don't want some dupes to access and that area has dupes that can't get out, and if that area does not have its own food source, you will want to have some automated delivery system.

Now there are still a few problems with this setup:

- I still don't know how to accurately move food from area A to area B (in terms of calories - I haven't looked into the weight to calorie ratio of food yet)

- Making it fully automatic (dupes not needing to load the staging refrigerator)

Suggestions would be great!


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I use a completely closed and automated kitchen system for this, but mine works very similar.

I recommend using a conveyor chute and weight plate instead of refrigerator and converyor receptacle at the outpost bases.  The chute will dump all it's contents onto the weight plate, so if you happen to miscalculate your food delivery, it just sits on the plate anyway instead of being stuck on the rail or in the receptacle.  From there you can either move the food into a fridge or just let the dupes diagonally access the food.  You might not even need the weight plate because since you are pre-measuring the food via the fridge you just need to figure out how many Kcals will be sent each time, so just using a simple clock sensor at the base will cut down on running those long range automation wires.

My grill and range are in oxygen for my dupes to use and all the food they make is swept up and shipped to a chlorine room for storage.  From the chlorine room I can send out food to outposts without dupe interaction.  It obviously uses a ton of sweepers to accomplish this so you need a decent power supply to handle this, but power has never been an issue for me.

Instead of using your staging refridgerator with doors, you can just have a sweeper in range of your original fridge that moves X amount of food to a fridge no dupe can access and use another sweeper to move from that unaccessible fridge to a loader.  That way your dupes only need to deliver to the original fridge and the sweepers do the rest.  Just set the sweepers on a clock sensor and it will prevent them from moving too much food.

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I was able to figure out a working solution for such a system, but it's complicated.

The first problem is that there is no easy way to send a signal only if a fridge has between x and y amount of food. This can be solved by using two fridges and a sweeper. One fridge will always be filled to its limit (the signal fridge), the other fridge (the overflow) stores any extras and the sweeper moves food around as needed (the signal fridge must have higher priority than the overflow). A fridge that is filled to its limit will emit a signal, which can be used to turn our food delivery system on.

The next problem is that moving only small amounts of food over a conveyor system is very tricky. A conveyor packet is 20 kg, that's a substantial amount of calories (about 40000 calories with gristle berries). If we fill the conveyor rails with food packets, we would need absurd amounts of food.

It was a while ago but as far as I remember, I had to first build a configurable cyclic signal. It would send a green signal for x seconds, then a red one for y and then repeat. I used a buffer and filter gate and maybe a few other pieces and started it by sending a green signal and from there it ran on its own. Once you have this kind of cyclic signal, you can use it to allow only a single packet through a conveyor filter by setting the duration of the green signal to just the right amount of time. Now you can send single packets of food  from your food storage.

Now you just have to figure out how to combine the cyclic signal and the fridge signal to send one food packet only if the signal fridge isn't filled to the maximum. I think I used a memory gate but also tried other solutions, like allowing the fridge signal to go through only one by cycle, which should be plenty of time for the food packet to arrive at the signal frige.

I think I also added some extra automation to suppress the fridge signal while a dupe was eating.

Using all this I was able to build a fully automated food delivery system, with the signal frige set to a limit of 10 kg food. Every few cycles, it would drop below 10 kg and this would active the food delivery system that would send a single packet of 20 kg food from central storage. The excess would go into the overflow fridge, which was positioned so that dupes would take from it first. The sweeper would also move any half eaten food back into the fridges.



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