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Just curious, as I am not a fan of browser-only games (maybe I am old fashioned, I like my games separate from my internet browser).. but is this game intended to be only Chrome accessible, or is that just for the demo? I looked through the forum and didn't find my answer, so sorry if this has been addressed before. I have already played and died more than once on the demo, and also managed to make the game catastrophically crash, so it is not a question of not having Chrome, or whatever. Merely a question of preference and curiosity. Thank you for your reply. c:EDIT: Okay I notice on the "Buy Now" page that it mentions Steam, so it won't be tethered to Chrome then? Because I couldn't find any mention anywhere else. Also, "cd key" only applies if there is a CD involved, which I doubt there is. I only ask because I don't want to 'assume' anything, and there isn't very much clear information. I want to buy a couple copies to give away, but I need to know how the game is installed and if I can just give away a steam key or what.

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At this time, Don't Starve is Chrome only. However, all Early-Access players will have access to the Steam version at a later time when it is available. If you purchase as a gift, you will be given two product keys which are used so that you can give the game to friends, who will also be allowed in the Early-Access beta and therefore steam as well. Thanks for your observations on how the information is presented, we will fix that.

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Hello,i want to buy the game, but i don't have a credit card, and thats the only option when using google wallet. is there any way i can buy 2 keys somewhere else using paypal?

In my country (Poland) you can buy single-use virtual debit card. Maybe there is something similar in your country?
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