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dunno why parameter naming can affect the mod

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this question is about coding in the mod, but i can't find good explanation from google.

i attempt to apply color changes to a mod building, using codes of others.

        public static class BuildingComplete_OnSpawn_Patch
            public static void Postfix(BuildingComplete __instance)


                    kAnimBase.TintColour = color;

when i initially adopt this coding, i just named the parameter as "instance".
but the game keep prompting to restart the game on started repeatedly.

when this parameter is follow exactly and putting in the double underscore prefix "__instance"
the restart prompt no longer happen, and the color changes worked.

afaik, that naming shouldn't affect anything, but it does!

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As already mentioned, Harmony is to blame for this one. It's explained on this page. Parameters are linked to parameters of the same name in the method you patch. On top of that, there are special parameters where the most used ones are __instance and __result. I recommend reading the entire harmony wiki prior to modding.

Do note that ONI automatically bootstrap mods meaning you can skip the page telling about how to bootstrap your harmony patches.

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