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Was think, would you like to see the crafting evolve? Like you can upgrade a pig hut to become made of stone by time and spending mats on it, not purely "add 40 stones to upgrade".

More a text saying "This farm would want even more manure" ... "more more more" and then all of the sudden by a random number the farm evolves to something bigger. And just one 1 thing, you can put in alot of grass insted and in time poff a scarecrow gets build. So that you dont just build a thing once and then it is done.

Like, alot of manure on the bondfire and it will start to glow greenish fire insted :D

Alot of grass and it will smoke much, and if you stand close to it you will get dirty

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Alot of grass and it will smoke much [...]

And if you build it near a beehive the smoke will flush them out and you can steal all their precious honey :D

I like this idea of having the basic items blueprints but then having to evolve them in game, without being certain of the materials needed. This way, the new players wouldn't see the whole lot of options to build and be overwhelmed by it, and the experienced playrs would have to do SCIENCE! to discover the secrets of the more advances buildings.

I really like this idea. It needs more examples of evolved constructions and a little polish, but has GREAT potential.

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