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Dedicated Server, US EAST

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So I previously made a topic before but I recently revamped my server an changed a lot of the rules so I'm going to advertise my server again, ver 2.0 if you will


This is a cooperative survival server, with vanilla world settings and some mods.

Server Name: DST US East, DST US East 2 and DST US East 3
Discord: https://discord.gg/xAAaync

Server Leader: Shampoo My Ass Hair

World Settings: All Default

Region: US east(Virginia)

Caves: Enabled

Sever Type: Dedicated

Server Live times: 24/7 but password locked during "offtimes". Will be open during host activity(usually after 4-5 PM EST)

Server will be password protected when host is not online ~(10:00 AM EST-5:00 PM EST). When the host or a server leader is online, the server will be open to allow more players to join and be recruited into the server as the host can carefully monitor the server for greifers and other game ruiners.

Server will be backed up at the end of each day and posted on the discord for public use.

Password is in Discord, available only to rank 2+ players(see below)

The server will not be password protected on the first day of a fresh world reset.


Global Positions


Show Me


Health Info



Why should you join?

  1. Active admin who moderates the server closely
  2. Daily backups to promote long term progress, heavy greif resistance
  3. Organized and structured discord
  4. Semi-open nature allows for a good revolving door effect decent players to play without requiring committing to a close knit group


1. Don't be toxic

2. Griefing will result in ban with password change

3. Please before you leave, drop high value items. This includes ancient gear, bundling wraps, boss items, etc. You can keep things like walking canes or winter clothing.

4. Don't be a slacker, pick a project and work on it

5. Will not rollback for misplays or bad RNG. If we **** up, own it.

6. Do not intentionally reset the server by dying. I will be backing up saves anyway but it's annoying and doing it maliciously=ban

7. Must be at least 16+ years old to join


Discord Rank

There are 3 Discord ranks, Starving Players(rank 1), Experienced players(rank 2), and Expert Players/Server Leads(Rank 3).

These Ranks are given based on server lead’s(aka me) discretion. Rank 3 players are eligible for in game admin status and are players who are able to lead the server goals. Rank 2 players are regulars, good players that have access to the server password during off hours.


Rank 1 players are either new to the server and unvetted or beginner players. Rank 1 players are locked out during offhours when playing alone in order to not ruin other player progress unintentionally or prevent outright griefing. If a rank 1 player wants access to the server during off hours he can ping a rank 2 or 3 player on the discord and play together by sharing the password(which will change daily)



Why use mod [x]?

Global positions is for better for enabling social play for randoms which DST is really not built for as you can see with public servers. GP is good for a semi-open server like this one, with players whom don’t know each other very well can communicate efficiently and relay ideas better. 99% of the use is for map pinging which is a great in-game communication tool. Players who do not want to be revealed can opt-out in-game via scoreboard, making it a flexible mod for those that want to use it and those that don’t. And before you say, the compass is ass and nobody uses it with or without gp. Cart table is actually still useful since new players need the map revealed, just like they would without GP.

Show me is a pen and paper mod that reveals hidden info that is easily available on any wiki, and is great for bundling wraps.

OwnerShip is used for server regulars. In order to allow for growth in the server, the server is open when the host or an admin is online, allowing new people to join and possibly enjoy their stay on the server. However this opens either intentional or unintentional stealing of valuable items. To solve this, certain portions of the hosts chests are locked for rank 1 players to disallow new players from taking rare or valuable items and leaving the server or mismanaging them without telling the rank 2+ player. This also allows regulars to protect their clothing and materials they need to work on certain building projects. If someone attempts to grief with this mod by taking items and locking them in their chests, the admins can override any locked chests.


You back up the files, does this mean that the server never resets but just rolls back to a previous save file?

No, the previous saves are for 1)A perk that allows anyone in the discord server to use the save files for their own games if they like the world when the server does reset and 2) More importantly to combat griefing in case somebody malicious finds out the password. When multiple people get wiped(rule of thumb is 2+ players), or the server players vote on it (This is generally after most of the server goals are complete) the server will reset to day 1.


Wait so if only one player dies does the server not reset?

I have not created a solid rule for this yet but as of right now if a solo experienced player joins the server and dies I will most likely back up to the previous save, as this can ruin a dozen people work and progress and is borderline griefing even though it may be unintentional. The punishment for dying solo in the world can result in demotion and that player being unable to access the server by himself. This can change in the future.

Can I be an admin?

The base requirement for an admin is being ranked 3 which includes having good knowledge of the game. It also requires being 21+ and to have show a certain temperament that I believe you will be very reserved in using admin commands and properly moderate the server and be fair to all players.


If I am a rank 1 player, how do I get to rank 2?

If you are helpful on the server and are shown not be a griefer then you can rather quickly become a rank 2 player. The barrier is not high, it is merely a safe guard for those looking to join only to grief. If you play for 2+ in-game days and can be trusted you will be promoted.


Can I play solo and make my own base?

Yes, as long as you do not grief you can play however you like, keep in mind though if you are not cooperative with other players they will not share resources with you and stealing resources from another's base is a kick, or possibly ban. Remember that this is not a PvP server.

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