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Hey Grifters,

You know all of those new death loot cards I've been talking about all week? Well, it turns out that the code to actually grant the loot suffered an unfortunate merging accident earlier in the week and wasn't working. We were testing the cards by spawning them with our debug tools, and didn't actually notice they weren't showing up in-game until we got your F8 feedbacks.

...so, thanks for that! When we say 'experimental' build, we aren't kidding! :) 

This update enables the death loot drops (for real this time, I think!), fixes some edge cases and bugs with the new boons and banes, and shows relevant boons/banes in the UI when you are playing cards.

Thanks for playing!

  • Enable death loot drops (they've been disabled for a while)
  • New death loot cards for jakes and hesh.
  • Social boons/banes show in the graft display in combat and negotiation, if they are applicable.
  • Fixed crash caused by not passing a card when calculating condition stacks.
  • Fix conversation that would accidentally make a vroc talk like person.
  • Fix crash caused by culling new story agents.
  • Fixed bug with Sparring implementation.
  • Make hesh outpost battle XP gain results more clear.
  • Don't allow multiple random map events to fire in a row.
  • Fix performance leak when opening and closing the card compendium multiple times.
  • Fix focused elucidate.

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