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Anywhere to exchange save game files?

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I have two things in mind :

First, this website in the form of a builds library using the debug_mode, may be repulsive to some (plus the disadvantages of debug_mod, reveal whole map etc...) using YAML file as templates and easy to share.
Can't remenber who did it (maybe @Cairath?) but I find it unfortunate that it is not used more because I found the idea and the realization rather good, even more now knowing that builds will have less tendency to be Out-Of-Date with the actual release.

Second, this recent mod, maybe more user friendly, it adds an interface with 2 simples buttons in-game and sharables files :


Whenever a blueprint is created it is automatically written to disk (in Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\blueprints\.) From here blueprints may be used in game and easily shared with friends

But still no real big place 'where we can share our set ups', there are some that appear from time to time on this forum when people share their builds, hope it helps you anyway!

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