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So I was thinking about how set bonuses could be fit into the game to add more uniqueness and require you to put some thought in what equipment you're using. The best thing we have right now to equipment customization is marble armor = tanking, log suits = kiting, nightmare armor = i'm already insane so what the heck etc.

What if using different combinations of equipment gave you bonuses. So for example, using the Thulecite Crown, Thulecite Suit and a Thulecite Club all at the same time gave you a little radiation of light (or a darkness-light kind of like the night-light). The bonuses could obviously be more or less extreme, I'm just thinking off the top of my head and I'm trying to encourage discussion.

It also doesn't have to be for combat purposes only... what if equipping a grass suit and a straw hat simultaneously camouflaged you from grass geckos so you can ambush them (or something else like clip their tail). This example in particular would give players incentive to use the grass suit and straw hat more often. I don't think I've ever seen anybody use a grass suit unless they're rushing clockworks on day 2 and don't want to wait for a science machine (or wicker) to craft a log suit, same for straw hat.

Now this is going to be hard to balance and definitely needs to be well-thought out, but it can add a lot of strategy to play styles and team play. It's also nice to add more customisation. Wolf might actually have to think about which weapon to use rather than just stock-piling 50+ dark swords

P.S forgot to mention that there are obviously some problems with this, the biggest one being that there isn't an equipment counterpart for every item (no nightmare helmet to go with the nightmare armor etc... idk how else to word this sorry lol)

I posted this thread on suggestions too, but it's also fitting to put this on the discussion forum... so we can discuss

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OMG yes, this is a great idea to increase the usefulness of some very niche items and add a great fun feature taking inspiration from other games with special sets like Team Fortress 2 and Binding of Isaac rebirth. Here's a few potential synergies:

Florist: Garland + Floral Shirt + Pretty Parasol -> Huge sanity restoration, Highest heat resistance, increased durability for the garland and parasol.

Ranger: Feather Hat + Grass Suit + Any Dart item -> Increased damage or effectiveness on the darts and lowered mob aggro range & chance 

Animal Rancher: Bunny Earmuffs + Breezy Vest -> Heightened insulation, less likely to scare rabbits and koelephants

Spike Hazard: Bramble Husk + (Tentacle Spike/Morning Star) -> Increased Damage on both the weapon and armor. When using the Morning Star variant, armor's counterattack gets electrical properties.

Cat Lady: Cat Cap + Tail o' Three Cats -> Much greater chance of whip cracks, Catcoons are attracted on sight.

Fashionista: Fashion Goggles + Dapper Vest -> Heightened sanity restoration, pigs, spiders, bunnymen etc befriended for longer, tributes to Antlion and Pig king are more effective (longer calmness to Antlion, more gold on Pig King) 

Ice King: Ice Cube + Ice Staff + Chilled Amulet -> Character Emits cold aura like a walking endothermic fire pit, Freezing effect of the staff is longer and has Area of Effect added like frost hounds/flingomatics.

Perfect Camo: Bush Hat + Snurtle Shell Armor -> Hiding immediately deaggroes all mobs on you, agro and scaring distance lowered

Seasonal Juggernaut: Eyebrella + (Hibearnation Vest/Scalemail) + Luxury Fan -> When the fan is used, it produces a few tornadoes and lightning strikes around, while also making a AOE attack in a circle around the player.

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