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New background buildings: Glasswall & Space vent

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I'd like to suggest two new background buildings that will be unlocked somewhere in the same-area tech.


Made out of glass (obviously). It acts as the visual opposite of a drywall, removing the background texture of the biome and giving vision to a space background.

This would allow us to create some interesting aestetic builds such as a space-walkway or a space-roof. The effect would be purely aesthetic and provide some kind of decor bonus.



Made out of refined material. The functional opposite of a drywall. Removes the backwall of the asteroid and creates a controlled vacuum, venting everyting that enters the tile into space.

The main application would be to allow us to easily create vacuum rooms in later tech stages, without having to wait ages for our pumps to finish up or to water-lock-dig a vacuumed room only to dig out a bleachstone tile....

It would also safe us some venting/piping, if we decide to vent some elements into space. Effectively saving us some energy on a pump in those rare scenarios.


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Please also note that these two buildings would just add convenience to the game, since the rooms can already be built in the space biome to have the aforementioned effects. Even though drywalls are usually used when setting up rooms in the space biome, to make them "normal" biome rooms instead.

The background buildings would simply allow to use the space biome dynamics/visuals anywhere on the map. For a price.:D

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