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Dr. Safety

Add Dynamic "Gloves" (Or Lack of Gloves) Skin

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The design of skins was relatively simple awhile ago, but have been getting progressively more complex. The same could be said about the newer character appearances in DST. The old and new skins are able to be mixed around with next to no issues. The only one that I notice is that a lot of the old skins cover everything but the head, including hands (typically making them white or black). There were no problems with this since only two of the original eleven (twelve if you count Winona) didn't have white hands. That is not the case anymore though. With two of the three new characters not even being human, and the other new character being a noticeably different skin color than the old cast, this has lead to having situations where body items being worn on certain characters or skins have hands that don't match (as shown below)

My idea is to add a skin for the hand slot that is a normal hand that changes color based on what skin or character is wearing them. This is also a way of having bare hands with body item skins that include gloves already.

Obviously this is a lot easier said than done, and I know skins aren't your biggest concern at the moment. There probably isn't a very practical way to implement this but I figured it couldn't hurt to at least suggest it. 


Odd skin & hand combinations:


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