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Move some of the lullabied egg incubation buff to being in a powered incubator

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For those who don't know, incubators consume a continuous 240W while an egg is inside, but that power does literally nothing except allow duplicants to hug the egg once a cycle to add the lullabied buff. This leads to the ideal setup being a high-priority incubator enabled with a clock sensor, and is utterly nonsensical, hurting new players on power consumption counterintuitively.

If instead incubators passively provided a buff using power, and the hugging just gave a bit extra, then it would be best to power them continuously, and they could optionally be set low-priority so the rancher deals with other things first without too much issue.

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3 hours ago, Gnarmaw said:

That should probably be reported to the bug forum as it's probably not intended

I don't know how this could possibly be a bug...there simply isn't any buff to being in the incubator itself, the buff is from the dupe interaction. Maybe it's intended that the buff disappears on power loss? But that'd just make it very frustrating as a moment of brownout every now and then would waste a bunch of dupe time. The only proper way to fix it is to separate out an incubator buff from the lullabied buff, so then a brownout isn't a problem, but the incubator being always off is.

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