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Add a Terra, but with traits enabled

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I think a Terra-like asteroid, but with traits enabled, would ease new players into the game. So instead of going from plain Terra to, say, Verdante with traits, they could choose to go for a known world-type, but with some occasional curveballs, like metal-poor, glaciers etcetera. 

This question has already been asked on the subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Oxygennotincluded/comments/cmth79/am_i_the_only_one_that_wishes_there_was_also_a/

It's trivial to mod in, but I would like it to be made "official" so that:

  • new players don't have to figure out modding,
  • we can get @Cairath to add "Traiterra" to toolsnotincluded.net (which I consider a - if not the most - vital part of the ONI online ecosystem, apart from the forum).
  • we don't get a bunch of highly similar mods.
  • I can play in metal-rich Terras (because I don't like scrounging for metals :) ) but that's of secondary importance!
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