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  1. You want Factorio? Because that's how you get Factorio! What's wrong with encoding your new-fangled 'numbers' on broad strips of automation wires, and hand-wiring the so-called "addition" and "subtraction" and "comparison to zero" thingumabobs by hand? You youngsters nowadays. (/shakes stick at cloud). In all seriousness, I'm guessing the devs don't want ONI to be that kind of game. That said, I'm going to try and implement a four-bit adder (liquid-based) now: some kind of contraption where you either fill or don't fill 2 rows of four holes with liquid, you turn it on and some time later five holes elsewhere contain the sum of the numbers.
  2. I agree! And that also removes the need to keep up morale in the early game, which used to be one of the driving forces to expand and do new stuff. If you're a bit careful with your early dupe picks, it's entirely possible to have a core team of 6-8 dupes with the essential skills (I use Dig, Research, Supply, Build, Research, Supply, Farm, Dig but should probably revise that) with their main interest on level 2 or 3 by cycle 40-ish. Where a level 2 scientist used to be a major decision point for me (the question being, can I keep morale in the 12-16 range?), now a dupe with Research interest can get to level three (morale req 3) without even needing a Great Hall. I have no idea what a better system would be, though...
  3. 1: Ahh, so that's why my colony no longer feels like a bunch of hamsters on speed. I kind of liked it while it lasted, maybe it would be a nice option to add an experience multiplier slider to the Custom Game setup (1 for normal, 1.5, 2, 3 and maybe 0.75 and 0.5 for those who like to go slow?) 2: Thank you, thank you, thank you! This will make shift and job management so much easier! Just a heads up: dupes without hats have no eyes and a green dot on their forehead on the shift assigment screen, but I can live with that for a couple of cycles
  4. Awright, no more finicking around with putting the worldgen folder under source control! I'm going to play with this tomorrow after work. Chlorine Not Included Either mod here we come - I hate that stuff with a passion.
  5. With the overhaul of the skills/jobs system you have to set priorities for jobs manually again (unless I'm overlooking something!), so that problem's solved at least...
  6. Same problem in the Schedule Editor, and the Vitals Screen.
  7. @k_nicole: You can close this bug report: as it turns out I had forgotten I had a mod running (ImprovedGasColours, for what it's worth). Deleting that removed the crash. Sorry for wasting your time!
  8. It's the new name for the Deoxydizer, in the QoL preview branch.
  9. The game crashes when building an oxygen diffuser. I've seen this with 3 colonies so far: a loaded save (cycle 7) from the latest stable version, the same seed restarted on the preview branch and a completely new game.
  10. Has anybody tried building an Oxygen Diffuser? It's an instant crash for me... Off to file a bug report EDIT: I'm a dumbass, had a mod running (ImprovedGasColours) which I forgot about.
  11. It's pretty easy to reproduce the problem in sandbox mode: build a 1 by 4 column somewhere isolated, put 18kg of Oxygen at the top and three tiles of 0.1kg each of Carbon Dioxide (or any other gas, I guess) below. It used to be (but I can't reproduce easily since I can't go back to earlier versions) that the final situation would be 3 tiles of 6kg of Oxygen at the top and 1 tile with 0.3kg of CO2 at the bottom - give or take. Now it just stays like that till the cows come home (and even after that...)