Chests being pushed, can be anoying. Sugestion instead. And other ideas

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Hi there,

Right now, any moving creature, including the player, can push chests. This is ok to relocate them or adjust their position, but the fact that every time you touch them (or a pigman) it moves, it ends upt with chests all spread.

To solve this I suggest chests shouldn't move, instead, if emptied, they should be pickable, to relocate them.

Another thing about chests. In ocations, if I open a chest (any of my 7) it might end up open, disregarding of my distance to it. I can interact with it as if I was standing next to it, no matter how far I am, and it won't close unless I close it or open another chest.

Sometimes werepigs remain werepigs during the day. I noticed that feeding them monster meat can trigger the transformation.

Cannot drop a stack of pine cones, they can be dropped one at a time. So if you have a stack of 32 in your hand, you have drop the 32 one by one. That should be changed.

It'd be great to have a home or a big tent, something you can base on. Something that would work as a permanent straw roll.

Well, that's what comes to my mind at this hour.

Great job so far! looks like we're gonna see more fun stuff! :encouragement:

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I agree, the chest being pushed around can be problematic so they should be glued to the ground once placed and at least one item is inside them. As for moving the chest you should either need to empty it, so you could push it around again, or break it down to take with you using a tool, like a hammer (which should turn a chest back into 4 wooden planks).

I usually don't try dropping pine cones, and when I do its on stone paths between islands, so no issue there since you cannot plant them on the paths.

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