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Just going to go over some of my most used negotiation cards and my experiences with them at prestige 7 experimental build. Completed tones of runs by now and my negotiation decks tend to run pretty smooth. Any feedback is great and you can ask my opinion on any cards i missed.

Bellow: Decent card in a pure hostility deck. Can do some pretty decent damage but its numbers never get to high. Better then the default threatens.

Bulldoze: Strongest hostility card in the game. The amount of card draw it gives and the amount of resolve it starts with is insane. So easy to protect this argument and should almost never go down. Enables hostility decks and mixed decks.

Low blow: Strong card in any kind of deck. Removing or stealing composure is super useful in some of the most important negotiations in the game. 1 of these is good enough.

Evil eye: Pretty good card once upgraded to 0 cost. Useful in hostility/mixed decks to cycle with bulldoze. However i tend to not grab it unless i'm sure i can upgrade it.

Veiled anger: Great card to help evoke stuff and to cycle with bulldoze. Pretty solid card with no downside besides hitting for 0 which feels bad. Only really useful in hostility decks and mixed decks with bulldoze.

Erupt: Decent card to pick up if you upgraded Sal's instincts and have mirrored threaten otherwise its a dead card early. Caprice can also make it easy to evoke. Once you upgrade it to 3 cards to evoke its a lot stronger. If you have invective it can help evoke this to. I tend to not grab more then 2 of these and less if i do get invective.

Invective: Very strong card. With only 3 hostile cards needed to evoke it you can do this easily once Sal's instincts is upgraded. Tend to grab 1 or 2 of these in hostility decks.

Agitation: Super solid card. Strong in any kind of deck. Sometimes I will take the 10+ damage on day 4 to get this online because it will save you more then that in the long run depending on how strong your negotiation deck is by then. If i can get this upgraded to 2 cost it's way easier to react to the current situation.

Scorched earth: Very strong finisher type card in a diplomacy/mixed deck. If the person disliking you afterwards means nothing to you then there is no downside to using this card. Not very often that i feel like i need this card in my deck but it is useful.

Overbear: Pretty strong card in hostility decks. Once upgraded to draw you cards can really up the consistency of your deck especially with bulldoze active. Sometimes it lets you draw your whole deck and you just go off in a chain of cards and just flat out win.

Caprice: Very strong card. Helps evoke hostility cards easily by providing extra 0 cost cards. Mostly i grab menacing air/agitation/bulldoze with this otherwise i like to grab increased dominance cards and occasionally some of the more situational hostility cards.

Domineer: Decent card in a hostility/mixed deck. Very situational but can really help you make your turns last longer especially with bulldoze active. Bulldoze really makes this card shine.

Tyrannize: Very situational card only for mixed decks. Used with visionary setup to generate dominance for domineer or This Ends Now. With visionary reconsider in the deck to remove the influence loss argument for very long negotiation ending turns. Decks tend to need bulldoze to function properly.

This Ends Now: Situational card for mixed decks as i find pure hostility decks don't really need this or generate enough dominance to make it worth while.

Reconsider: Very strong card if you have visionary setup or vs an admiralty person. This card can make turns last forever once upgraded to visionary version with visionary setup. Useful in mixed and diplomacy decks. I sometimes grab this in my hostility decks if i managed to get a setup card already.

Back pedal: Best composure card in the game. Removing the useless cards from your deck for 5 or 8 composure is insane. Helps make a deck consistent and can be played in any deck. I grab 1 of these almost all the time.

Planning: Super solid card for any deck. Once upgraded there is almost no draw back besides bartender/intimidate negotiations. Being able to put a composure card or solid point back onto the top of your deck comes in handy. The versatility of this card is unreal.

Entrapment: Pretty good card for any deck. Mostly useful vs the bouncer negotiations and priest negotiations. Often combo this with back pedal to pretty much protect your resolve easily until day 4. Only really need one of these unless your deck cycles pretty fast.

White lie: ok card in any deck that cycles quickly but i tend not to grab it in my mixed or hostility decks. Early on ill use this card to help upgrade it but by late game i just let it cycle. Useful vs Bouncers to help remove the composure they gain or vs Nadan's crew as that low damage is really ramped up by the damage multiplier.

Seeds of doubt: Okay card in any deck but i tend to grab it for my diplomacy decks more often. The upgraded version that draws a card is handy to help make decks more consistent while adding some decent damage. You never really need more then 1 of these if any.

Tactical mind: Great card for any deck. Love the upgraded 0 cost version. really no downside to adding 1 of these to your deck.

Brainstorm: Solid card in mixed/diplomacy decks as i feel like hostility decks don't really need it with bulldoze being so strong. The card draw can let you find pieces to end the negotiation with your resolve intact and increase deck consistency. Sometimes i grab 2 of these.

Second wind: Great card in diplomacy/mixed decks. My hostility decks are usually to small to bother running this. The extra turns can really save you a lot of resolve. Combo this with swift rebuttal/pale ergo/pale wind for an infinite combo to win the negotiation.

Ergo: Only useful if i can upgrade it to 0 cost otherwise its dead weight. Enables the above mentioned combo and useful to pull whatever you need out of your discard for the situation at hand. I don't grab this very often mostly if i know i can upgrade it.

Setup: Almost no downside to this card its amazing. The upgraded version enables a lot of cards for extra actions or deck consistency or even strange infinite loops with bulldoze and veiled anger. As long as you can upgrade this card its good for any deck.

Solid point: Okay card in a diplomacy deck. Really useful with magnetic charm and brainstorm. Planning really makes this card shine. To many will clutter up your deck as the damage is lacking by day 4. I don't like to grab more then 1 of these unless i'm running heavy cycle cards with visionary setup/reconsider and second wind. I prefer white lie over this card as i can choose if i want more in the deck on the fly.

Subtlety: Good card with solid points and setup in the deck. Can really help with consistency. 

Magnetic charm: Pretty solid draw card for diplomacy decks. Draws less then brainstorm but doesn't suffer vs bartenders so its an ok trade off. 

Plead: Usually i don't grab these unless my deck is all ready able to draw plenty of cards. The upgraded fast talks can fulfill this role a lot of the time.

Empathy: Nice in a deck filled with plenty of cycle cards and second winds. If my deck can't cycle quickly and i have no second winds when this is offered I will never take this card.

Good impression: Very solid early game card. Usually i like to use back pedal to get rid of this later. Use this with swift rebuttal and you can do a lot of damage very quickly. Usually grab 1 or 2 of these as they get worse and worse each day.

Swift Rebuttal: Great card if you have an upgraded good impression/second wind. Can really help to dish out quick damage or gain infinite turns with pale wind/ergo. Can bring back visionary setup so you can start gaining more actions with reconsider. Even cards made 0 cost by the interior drill graft can be brought back with this.

Appeal to reason: Not a bad choice to spend your extra influence. Does good damage and can cost 0. I wouldn't grab more then 1 personally.




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I agree with pretty much everything you said.

You underestimate Solid Point. You don’t get it for the damage, you get it for the influence. There are plenty of diplomacy cards that spend influence to become better, and Solid Point is by far the best source of influence, once upgraded. You should grab as many as you can, really. There are some things you can do with Setup that you can’t with Solid Point, but 9 times out of 10 you would rather have the latter.

Upgraded Plead is also a lot better than Pale Fast talk. 5 damage instead of 3 on a free card is a huge buff.

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Yeah i still like and use both of the cards but maybe my strategy is just different from yours. I like appeal to reason for spending most of my influence and i think i use good impressions and swift rebuttal together more often when i'm drawing less solid points. If i don't get pale fast talk plead is nice. That's how i go about my diplomacy decks so far.

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Deceive: Pretty strong card that can get pretty crazy in a deck with 2 seeds of doubt with white lie. If you can protect yourself from taking to much resolve damage while doubling your inceptions and then playing an exploit weakness the negotiation will end pretty quickly. After playing a bit with doubt based decks it can definitely go the distance.

Exploit weakness: Good in a doubt based deck otherwise not very useful.

Bounty hunter: Very fun card once you get it working but way to much is needed to get the deck optimal. Using visionary setup to cycle and gain influence with a couple brainstorms to draw and incept your bounties quickly is key. 0 cost evil eyes into flatter after adding in enough bounties will one shot the argument. Super satisfying lol. Throw in visionary reconsiders and i'm sure you could pull it all off on turn 1. Was using 1 solid point and plead to help pick off some arguments and i removed all the starter cards besides the composure ones. I feel like this card should need less xp to upgrade and its resolve damage should always be 6-10 rather then 5-10.

Here is my bounty hunter deck that would win in 2 turns and take no damage. Used the draw 3 extra cards graft but could probably pull it off without it with some tweaks.


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