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Name: Egg Coffee

Recipe: 3 coffee beans, 1 egg

This dish would be based on Vietnamese cà phê trứng. Like other meat/egg dishes, it would draw aggro from bunnymen, have a 1 second eat animation, and be useable by Wigfrid. In all other respects it would resemble regular Shipwrecked coffee, granting a movespeed increase of 5 for four minutes (which would not stack with the buff from regular coffee).

I will concede, this is a slight anachronism. Cà phê trứng was probably not popularized until the 1940s, and Don't Starve takes place in the 1920s. However, it would not be the most egregious anachronism among the Crock Pot dishes--California Rolls were not invented until the 1970s.

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