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Forest start food variety.

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Forest starts while having similar amounts of food don`t have the same variety as old staring biome starts. Mainly they lack the bristle berry. Berries are used in 3 food recipies and often are your natural next step in food quality. Those recipies are also important for shinebug breeding, especially the sun bug that is more important now that it`s egg is an ingredient for medicine.

On Arboria for example you will get just 1 recipie when you build an electric grill (pickled mealwood). Another could be fried mush, omellete and bbq. But you aren`t getting either gristle berries nor dusk caps and not even pacus so the grill is largely pointless at leas before sleet wheat.

IMO bristle berries should be either introduced to the forest biome (it has shinebugs already) or have buried seeds.

Alternatively introduce a new mushroom plant for the forest that grows slower than dusk caps and maybe uses polluted dirt as fertilizer (might even produce extra food poisoning on harvesting).

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