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High CPU usage after the launch[Solved]

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Hello fellow colony builders! 


I am recently experimenting high cpu usage after the launch patch.  It was fine before the patch ( up to 300 cycles)

However, after patch, sometimes cpu usage reach to the sky and it never restore usage, sometimes it solved after restarting the game but soon, it happens again.

I am a Mac user,[Macbook pro 2018] so I opened Activity Monitor and I saw that my kernal_task process going up to 200% cpu whenever I open ONI, but if I close ONI it restore it usage %.

It would be great if someone can help me :C 


Happy cycles 



============ edit ===========


Damn it was because Mac fan control, app idk why it runs well itself, but when I run it with ONI it makes CPU leak. ONI looks fine.

Apology for making confusion

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