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Dedicated Sever for experienced players

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I'm hosting a dedicated Server, with caves for players that don't have people to play with personally but are sick of terrible randoms in pub games due to the lack of any type of ranking or xp in DST. The requirements are at least 100 hours in DST. No mandatory use of voice or comms is required but you are encouraged to communicate via in game chat or mods. If you wish to voice chat with players we have voice channels in the discord server. While we're looking for experienced players, you don't need to be a mega sweat speedrunner, just contribute. Ask in Discord or DM me on here or steam for password with your steam profile/screenshot of hours played. Must also be 18+.


Server Name is DST US EAST Vetted

The server uses 3 mods

1. Global Positions, to enable better communication between people whom don't know each other. Since I don't require sweaty voip this helps people relay info with map ping without having to type out non stop and helps balance the game playing with randos(which the game is not well suited for, this helps mitigate that)


2.Show me, 99% mostly for chest organization until mini-signs. 


3. Health Info


3.Simple Health Bar DST, cuz we're experienced but still filthy casuals. This can be configured by each user individually in-game. A player can hide this mod entirely if they wish.


4.Animal Variety, because I like the pretty butterflies. This is a purely subtle cosmetic mod. 


(I'm open to changing any of these except GP)

World settings will be vanilla, server will always be up. Don't ask for rollbacks or admin cheats unless explicit griefing occurred.


Discord channel: https://discord.gg/Xs7t9FV

Update, I've disabled simple health Bars and Animal Variety, and replaced it with Health Info


Server is now open, please ignore.

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The less mods you use i guarantee you'll get more players 

Like tossing mods out such as Animal variety and simple health bar

Show me is fine but you don't need simple health bar with that mod

Also you can do everything GP does with a cartography table

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You can't ping the map with a cart table unless I'm mistaken, which a very convenient in game communication tool and allows saying a lot while typing little. All cart does unless I'm missing something is it reveals the map for other players, pinging map is 99% the reason I use GP. Since GP doesn't update for new players entering a server cartography map still has uses but not a replacement.


Simple Health bars might be offputting to some people but it can be configured in game to be completely hidden per each player, which is why I use it. You can completely mute it, some people like it others don't which I why the option is nice. Show me + health info only shows health on mouse over which is not as useful when you use hotkeys for attack and your mouse is on your items.


I can get rid of animal variety since some people in my server like it and some don't care, I don't care either way, but it's such a subtle mod that I'm not sure why it would prevent someone from joining assuming everything else about the server is appealing.


EDIT: But those are my justifications for why I enabled them. If people like the idea of a Vetted server but hate my mod choices I'd like to get feedback. like I said I'm open disabling most of these.



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