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Hey Grifters!

Here's the first Experimental update of our second update cycle. The next main update is on August 8th, and we'll be pushing experimental your way up to (about) August 5th. This gives us time to add a bunch of new fun new stuff, and then get it stabilized in time for wider release.

  • You can now run away from non-main-story fights. You fail the related quest, and get a Coward card.
  • Added special negotiation for the summons deliver quest.
  • Scorched Earth creates Animosity, which makes people dislike you if you end the negotiation with it.
  • Added new Dronemaster boss preview.
  • Added new Bounty Hunter card (a special reward for doing the bounty hunter quest).
  • Beach background now has an animated sky.
  • Added upgrades for Wind Up.
  • Brain Gills ignores xp.
  • Renamed "Shroke Skin" to "Battle Scars".
  • Scorched Earth: interleave expend and damage for better presentation.  Show an expend anim for cards in the draw and discard piles.
  • Removed Alleviate (it was a boring card).
  • Reduced composure on Calm (3 -> 2)
  • Short Fuse now applies to arguments, too.
  • Moved the Negotiation Screen characters, so that the arguments aren't as close to the top of the screen, clipping the damage-indicators
  • When targetting, don't use damage previews as a mouse-over target (it's a little weird, and also can cause hover-fighting if the damage preview is on top of the target eg. the shroog).
  • When you overdraw, the cards go into your discards instead of remaining in the draw pile.
  • Fix NegotiationPanel not doing any delays.
  • Abort any card choice mechanism if the game is over first.
  • Fix for being stuck in card choice after playing planning and drawing a solid point which ends the negotiation with no other cards in hand. 
  • Fix for Solid Point targetting
  • Fix oolo oshnu firing while unshelled: if stunned, the unshell action wouldn't occur, but the behaviour would still transition to Cycle.
  • Codify the difference between Attacking and Losing Resolve (they're different!).

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