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Help creating a new prefab


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Before you all respond to this post wih the usual "this belongs in the modding section" response, i should tell you that I already tried that. I made a post there 2 weeks ago, and let's be honest, the activity there ain't what it used to be. I need someone to tell me how to create a new prefab. I think it would probably be a simpler mod due to the fact that i only need pre existing assets, but I have next to no moddimg experience outside of simple texture modding. I would like to know how to take the Wheat item from the Gorge Recipes mod, and create a plant that I can harvest it from using the Wheat Plant texture from DST. I also want to make the plant spawn in the Savannah, the biome with lots of grass and Beefalo. I don't need to create any new items or textures, I just need to use an existing item from another mod and an existing texture from DST. How would I go about creating the plant I need?

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