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Hey Grifters,

Here's a new experimental update! This will be the last one of this cycle as we stabilize things for Thursday's mainline release. We'll be fixing any specific crashes or issues that crop up in the next two days, but not adding new content until after the push has gone through on Thursday.

Huge thanks to everyone who helps us test things out in the experimental branch! 

New changes:

  • Added new music track for boss fights.
  • Improved Negotiation/Fight preview popup, and some special boss previews (Sparky and Shroog).
  • The end of turn button doesn't glow right at the start of your turn, because it's too tempting to click it.
  • New fight environment for the Nadan boss fight.
  • Fix crash when loading a character that uses a removed skin.
  • Fix stray objective marker staying active during fsshcakes quest.


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