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Hypothermia, heat stroke and clothes

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Heat based diseases could still use some work. They happen when a dupe`s internal temperature changes too much but are timed debuffs while they should last until the temperature normalises. Dupes shoudn`t run around being 20oC.

Another thing is clothing. With the new asteroids being hot or cold giving dupes sweaters or cool vests sounds like a good idea. But here`s the problem. While sweaters work nicely by increasing the dupes insulation so he doesn`t get cold they also work the opposite way making him not heat up in hot zones thus protecting from heat strokes as well. Meanwhile the cool vest reduces insulation meaning a dupe can get either disease faster...

How to fix that? The main issue is the dupe`s homeostasis effect normalising his temperature. It being static favours the sweater. But if it was affected by the clothing type it would make both viable. Lets say sweaters add extra energy to the homeostasis simulating keeping dupes warm while cool vests remove energy from it making dupes cool down faster and heat up slower (with those changes the insulation thickness stat wouldn`t be even needed which is good since it`s non-obvious how it works).

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