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Research's recipes based on research

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I really thinks that research for higher technologies is too easy as the recipes required is too much easy because one can research all the technologies up to space even without going outside the starting biome as it only requires water and dirt. Even though it is added that that at last some space material is required for space research but i think it is not enough.
What I would suggest is research recipes should be also based on what is being researched like to learn a certain type of crittter catching it is required to provide eggs of that type. To get get higher medicine that cure slimelungs it is required to provide slime or to get water seive it is required to provide sand, dirt and polluted water to get oil processing required to provide crude oil, requires petroleum to get plastics, to get salt processing requires salt or salty water to get decor items requires decor valued items like shine bugs or decor plants, to get metal production requires raw metals and corresponding rocks based on which rocks to process in rock crusher, coal for coal generators, etc..... as you can see where I am going with this.It can be mainly based on biomes items related to research items of that biomes just like requiring space items for space biomes materials. Also to get items able to build from different materials a repeatative research like building materials research with option to provide different items as recipes can be added.

So discuss how you all will like this ideas in games.

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