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  1. I don't think that anything is needed to be fixed with randomness. It might be needed to add a new feature where rocket do not land if Meteorite Show is taking place.
  2. Heat Produced andUsed. 753 dtu/g of heating for Crude Oil to Sour Gas (From about 100 degree crude oil to 400 degree petroleum and then 400 degree petroleum to 540 degree Sour Gas) -1338 dtu/g of cooling for Sour Gas to Methane and Sulfur (From 540 degree sour gas to -161.1 degree methane). So aqua-tuner will produce 1338-753 = 585dtu/g of excess heat upon cooling as 753 g is getting used for heating. If all Remaining Energy 585 dtu/g of is used to Methane heating which will give produced NG a heated Temperature rise of 266*3/2 = 399 degree for Balance(remember NG is only 2/3 of SG). Final Temperature of NG = -161+399 = 238 Assumption that Aqua-tuner is not cooling itself so radiant coolant pipe and aquatuner should be well seperated for any effective heat transfer. But We want only 100 degree of Final Temp (i.e. -161+100=261 degree of temp rise) for NG (As a Gas Tank will break at 125 degree if made from gold amalgam) Then Only Energy consumed = 2/3 * 261*2.191 = 381.2 dtu/per g of crude oil converted. Remaining Energy = 584.6-381.2 = 203.4 dtu/g of crude oil If we can balance the Input amount of Crude oil for per loop of aqua-tuner heating then we can also balance the overall heat output by system to be zero. Energy produced in one loop of Coolant through aqua-tuner for 1 g = -14*8.440 = 118.16 dtu/g Energy produced in one loop of Coolant through aqua-tuner for 10 kg = 118.16*10000 = 1181600 dtu/g We want such amount of Crude oil to be converted that it balances out and no energy remains. Then We have : 1181600 dtu/g = 753 dtu/g * COil Amount + 203.4 dtu/g * COil Amount. We get COil Amount = 1235.98 g of Crude Oil Input for every second. You have to carefully control output temperature of NG by providing limited and balanced number of radiant pipes exposed to heating. So NG output = 1235.98*2/3 = 823.98 g/s Equivalent to running 9 Natural Gas generator in which 2 Generator required for running the system whole time. It should work in Theory. But At start Natural Gas will not be Running off So a Initial Heat Sink is needed to cool the sour gas initially so that natural gas will start going and cool the sour gas after that. And also a initial heat sink for cooled super coolant is needed to heat the aqua tuner above 540 degree for starting making sour gas. Also There is very little chance of running this system continuously for upper theory to work because if condensation occur then it occur for a lot of amount of gas and then wait for cooling again. Current Design on which I am working. Almost Working. NG Producer.mp4
  3. If You are using with 0% Network Strength, Actual chance of getting rocket landing during shower and not opening of gate within time will depend upon Prediction time Randomness in which not opening of gate on time chance is 20% (40 sec of 200 sec) and on chance of occurring of shower every day which is 3857*100/8400 = 45.92% . [ In 8400Sec (14Days(10 days shower plus 4 days break)*600=8400sec)), max possible effective shower duration in 14 days is 3857 sec [ ( 450sec (400 sec of max shower length + 50 sec for door opening time ) = 450sec ) * 8.5714 ( (10 days((shower session is ony for 10 days in 14 days cycle) * 600 sec) / ( 300sec (min break) + 400 sec (max shower) ) = 8.5714 times of shower ) ) ]. Chance of breaking the bunker door reduces to 0.2 * 0.4592 * 100 = 9.18% only. But this is chance of breaking the door every day as 20% randomness in detection is everyday. If you are using the above automation with 100% network strength for detection then max possible effective shower duration in 14 days will reduces to 2571 sec [ ( 300sec (400 sec of max shower length -150 sec for which automation compensate + 50 sec for door opening time ) = 450sec ) * 8.5714 ( (10 days((shower session is ony for 10 days in 14 days cycle) * 600 sec) / ( 300sec (min break) + 400 sec (max shower) ) = 8.5714 times of shower ) ) ]. So chance of occurring effective shower will be only 2571*100/8400 = 30.61%. Chance of breaking the bunker door reduces to 0.2*0.3061 * 100 = 6.12% only. But this is chance of breaking the door only during a Shower as there is 0% randomness in detection for every other time except shower. And during no shower there is 0% chance of breaking door. But due to extra door opening time during shower for compensation, in this automation taking meteorite damage chance at that time is more than above condition with of 0% network strength. So You can decide whether to use Scanner Network with 100% strength or not.
  4. If Your save was before 200 seconds i.e. max detection time as 1/2 cycle = 300 sec so its detection time cant be saved as during that time a user can do anything even destroy the whole scanner network for those whose working with 100 % and even build whole a new scanner which works with 100% accuracy then Detection time had to be changed. And I dont also thinks these kind of things are for saving. Well I will also check it myself and see if result varies with same scanner or not. EDIT: Well I tested it again for condition like ( Same Rocket Different Landing )and For ( Same Rocket Same Landing by reloading save game ) and obtained different detection time for different time landing but same detection time for same landing. So it might be that the randomness factor is decided only once if a rocket is launched and as soon as you choose a scanner to detect that particular scanner and is stored till the rocket lands. But even with that it is not fully random if i get the same for different loading of save game or it can also be a feature which prevents the player to reload the game and get a safe detection time this time in case if during previous time the doors was broken due to bad detection time
  5. Well you don't need to be extremely lucky just enough lucky for time and not having bad luck only during building Scanner. And I regret if you destroyed your Lucky Scanner for testing but Hey you can always get a new one as (Sasza22) said. I think i had simply explained how detection work only thing i forget to write was that a == Worst detection time b == Best detection time. Yup For me it also sounded weird when i first noticed in code That is why i wrote "it is only based on what i could understand from source code" but as now it has been tested (By Nitroturtle) I am pretty sure randomness is decided during building the scanner only.And Yes I think you can build a lot of scanner and put only best or lucky one. Well I think it can be a Bug but It can also be that developer intentionally might had put randomness to be decided only once for a particular scanner by a single call to random value to Improve Performance as calling a random number generator function every time of updating a machine state can cause serious performance issue on game or just because simply some one misplaced its position by mistake. Well I think I will post it in Bug Report and wait for a possible reply for 'is it a bug or not'. EDIT: Well I tested it again for condition like ( Same Rocket Different Landing )and For ( Same Rocket Same Landing by reloading save game ) and obtained different detection time for different time landing but same detection time for same landing. So it might be that the randomness factor is decided only once if a rocket is launched and as soon as you choose a scanner to detect that particular scanner and is stored till the rocket lands. But even with that it is not fully random if i get the same for different loading of save game or it can also be a feature which prevents the player to reload the game and get a safe detection time this time in case if during previous time the doors was broken due to bad detection time
  6. So After this much confusion I decided to look into the game file (Some Crazy Idea ) to exactly know when the automation port goes Active for detecting and its randomness. And I also wanted to know the distribution it follows for getting prediction time within the possible range (i.e. 1-200 sec at 0%) which is based on strength. Well It turns out the Game follows a simple Linear Interpolation (no uniform or gamma or such type of probability distribution) on Range time by using Larp Function which uses a parameter named accuracy for Interpolation. Parameter accuracy is randomly generated Detection Time = a + (b-a)*accuracy. accuracy value is determined by Random value generating function defined in Unity Engine. And for setting the automation active It uses simply logic and becomes active when either launching, waiting to land, Landing and when Time Left of Mission <= Detection Time. I also looked on when the calling of function occur which assign a random value to parameter accuracy. Turns out it was called upon by a function RerollAccuracy which was inside a Instance variable defined for a Particular Machine. And for what I know The Instance variables are initialized when the class is instantiated and here In Game I think it will be equivalence to building the space scanner. So I think You might be True that randomness of that landing had already been fixed. (It is only based on what i learned from looking into C# code and Instance variable properties ) Can you (Nitroturtle) check for Detection Time by connecting the automation wire for the same rocket to different scanner or by destroying the scanner and rebuilding it again and also by changing its setting to detect different rocket and changing back again to same one And see What happens.
  7. No the strength drops to 0% if there is even only one tile just over its center tile(i.e. power port)
  8. Well I wanted to make 100% safe automation and wanted to know during which time it is 100% safe (i.e. detected before 200 sec). And i have considered rocket to be detected with 0 sec warning for strength less than 100% for worst case scenario. So In actual if I am saying a time interval not to be safe then it means at that time it will work with chance of detecting between 1-200 sec and if by luck it is detected before 40 sec then I think it will work fine for all that cases.So if what you are saying that it always detects before 100 sec even at 0% is true then I think it will be safe for all time what ever the case.
  9. Well I checked it again and if after detecting rocket signal, if strength falls below 0% rocket scanner lost its signal.for incoming rocket And if yours work fine and rocket signal holds even after 0% strength reaching then as we know their is always chance of detecting between 0 to 200 sec even at 0% strength and yours rocket had been detected due to this chance at signal loosing time. Just After detecting rocket After strength lost to 0% (for this to happen i covered all six scanners on left with doors) scanner goes back to Inactive and not detecting incoming.
  10. So I finally created fully automated Rocket Launching and Landing System. Videos of Launching and Landing is at end Requirement : A Scanner Network of 6 Scanner for prediction of incoming objects with 100% efficiency (if lower then timing in gates have to be set very carefully). Right Side Circuit is for Rocket Launching and Left Side Circuit is for Rocket Returning and Gantry Opening and Closing. Features : 1.Rocket becomes able to Launch When User had authorized the Launch(Lower Right corner Clock Sensor). 2.Rocket becomes able to Launch When No meteorite Shower(Lower Right corner AND gate right Input). 3.Rocket becomes able to Launch When Rocket is Ready for Launch and its Output Port becomes Active(Middle Right Side AND gate Left Input) (Rocket INPUT and OUTPUT port is in Center) 4.Bunker Door Opens when all three above condition are satisfied [i.e. Output from OR gate(Connected to door, Right Side Second gate from top) becomes Active which is receiving Active input for either rocket launch or rocket return(Explained later After Point No.9) from each of its input ports]. So in actual first three cases are for setting up the condition favorable for launching the rocket and bunker door opening and actual rocket launch happens when....(Explained later Point No. 7) 5.Also As soon as rocket is ready Gantry is closed whose input comes from Memory Toggle Gate followed by a not gate.You can see Output from Rocket Port Split into two one goes to Launching System(Point No. 3 above) and others goes to Left Side from top 3rd automation wire to Set port of Memory Toggle gate which makes its output active and after that NOT gate makes it Inactive which goes to Gantry input ant it is closed (Memory Toggle gate is in Upper Left below Scanner and just right side of it is NOT gate). Here it has to be used a Memory Toggle gate because gantry is to be kept closed till rocket had returned and then open it after rocket landing (Explained later after Point No.9 ) 6.Space Scanner(set to detect rocket) only becomes Active when Gantry is closed meaning either Rocket is in Space or Going to be launched.For it to be happened Power Supply of rocket is Resumed and Paused by a power switch whose input comes from Gantry condition followed by a NOT gate(NOT gate and power switch is in Lower Left Corner). 7.Now After Point No. 4 Output from OR gate also goes to a Filter gate then to input port of Rocket. Filter gate adds a delay of 40 seconds(Bunker Door opening Time) for becoming its output Active after its Input had become active and Bunker Door had Started to Open. After 40 seconds door had opened and and filter gate output had become active so does the Input for Rocket Becomes Active and Finally Rocket is Launched . 8.After rocket is Launched the Output from Rocket Output port becomes Inactive So the both Inputs of OR gate becomes Inactive So does for Doors and it is closed.Also Note that the Output from Rocket port becomes Inactive after sufficient time enough for rocket to get out of Launch Tube and go above Doors in Space, as soon as it becomes Inactive doors can start closing and not collide with flying Rocket. When Rocket is returning we want: 1.The Bunker Doors To Open - Seems simple as output from scanner becomes active so we can connect it to OR gate with an delay of 160 seconds [200(Advance Prediction) - 40(Door opening) = 160] provided by filter gate and open the door but be careful and watch it is more complex than it seems and It took me a lot of time to figure it because of lot of uncertainties like: Meteorite shower comes during warning, Meteorite Damage when door is opened, etc.... 2.The Gantry To Open After Rocket Had Landed - We can provide the output from the scanner which becomes active if a rocket is incoming to gantry with some delay to open the gantry.I have tasted that at 100% signal strength 200 warning time is for rocket to enter inside the map and after that more time is needed for for rocket to land on platform on which it was build.Also the Output from Scanner will be active for entire period of 200 sec of warning and after till it had landed on its platform.So gantry should open after 200 sec + landing time.For me Landing time after 200 seconds was somewhere between 35 to 40 seconds and I took it about 40 for well beyond safety .So Gantry should be opened after 245 Seconds 5 seconds to make sure rocket had landed. I think Landing time may also vary upon position of Platform in Map if someone had checked it let me Know. As it can't be achieved with one gate (as>200) So had to be used two continuous gate in output of scanner before going to gantry. If You only want to know the Delay Time between Rocket Detection and Bunker Door Opening i.e. time to be given to filter gate Go to Bold and Underlined statement just above Point No.9 Because Believe me Below section for reason is going to be get Interesting . Uncertainty to be considered and its effects for opening of bunker doors: 1.Rocket Incoming is detected by rocket scanner After a meteorite shower had already been detected by scanner network (Vice versa of this is always safe you can check): In this case rocket landing time will always lies after the doors of scanner networks had closed fully (as both prediction time was same of 200 sec),Then after that signal strengths will fall 0% and the rocket scanner will loose its signal for rocket incoming and bunker doors will not open (As I have tested that the signal for rocket incoming doesn't hold in scanner till the rocket had landed unlike meteorite shower in which signal of shower is hold up in scanner till it is over if otherwise let me know). But this can be overcame just by adding two buffer gate for 250 seconds (two gate is needed as >200 sec) holding up of Active signal from scanner. So now we are able to even open up the doors for incoming rocket whose signal is received just before the start of meteorite shower or fully closing of scanner network doors and signal strength loos to 0%. well the Rocket whose detection time is after that are still in unsafe zone breaking of Bunker Doors. But we also know that each shower in Meteorite Season is of about 100 to 400 Seconds long according to ONI Meteorology by R9MX4. First consider smallest Shower of 100 Sec in this case time for signal strength for staying at 0% is during the entire period of shower plus some time after which scanner network become active (i.e. most people keeps that time of 50 seconds 40 for door opening and 10 for falling of regolith on ground). So After 150 second the signal is restored again to 100%. Considered the Rocket which was scheduled to be detected just after closing of bunker door of scanner network now after signal gain it had still left 50 seconds [200(Prediction time)-150(time after which signal is fully restored in case of 100 sec shower) = 50] before it comes to land so it will be instantly detected after signal gain and doors had to opened in next 50 seconds unlike the normal cases when door had to be opened in 200 second. So now comes the decision of deciding the delay time for bunker door opening after rocket detection that we talked above in section about what we want if rocket returns (Point no.1 which is in Bold letters). However earlier in that section we said we can keep it 160 second just by subtracting 40 sec of door opening time from prediction time of 200 sec but now had only left with 10 sec [50(time after which door to be opened)-40(Bunker Door opening time)= 10] to provide for filter gate.If we give 0 Second delay than in case of 110 sec shower can also be overcame safely. Now with 0 seconds as filter gate input we check for longest shower of 400 second and which rocket incoming cases can be survived. For 400 sec shower signal lost time is 450 seconds [400(shower duration)+50(time after which scanner network restart). So among all rockets incoming after signal loos or door closing of scanner network for this 400 sec shower, Safe Rocket Incoming will be those whose detection time is 110 seconds [200(Prediction time)-50(time after which scanner network restart)-40(Bunker Door opening time) = 110] before the ending of the 400 seconds shower. And It will remain same as 110 seconds for all shower smaller than 400 seconds up to shower of length 110 second for which all rockets incoming will be safe. So for maximum safety of Bunker door we get that With 0 second as delay i.e. Filter Gate Delay Time between rocket detection and closing of bunker doors The Rockets which will break the Bunker Doors are those which is scheduled to be detected just after fully closing of scanner network door and before the 110 seconds of ending of shower for shower of greater than 110 second lengths 2.Meteorite Damage: As Just above we said that 0 second as filter gate input will be good and maximize the time for safe rocket landing but Also in Normal cases of No Meteorite shower It will keep the door open for 290 seconds [250(time for which Rocket scanner gives active signal as explained in above section of what we want if rocket returns (Point no.2 which is in Bold letters)) + 40 second(Bunker door opening time) = 290] plus 250 seconds of buffer gate cool down time So max time of Gate left open is 540 seconds during which it can take damage if possibly any meteorite shower starts to happen. During meteorite session breaks last for 300 to 1200 seconds so for 540 second their is a good chance of starting a shower. But if Rocket incoming is detected just before the fully closing of scanner network door or signal lost to 0% or just before start of Meteorite shower which all three are same, then With Certainty as shower had already came For The entire time of 290 seconds All things inside launch tube will have a chance to take meteorite damage and be destroyed. But if you have least items inside the tube and all walls are made of bunker tiles then it will be still OK to give 0 seconds as delay. Be careful with placement of Rocket detecting scanner because if it is inside launch tube and it gets destroyed by meteorite shower then whole things can reset. In my case I had placed it under the bunker door which is not opened the rocket launching and landing as you can see automation wire is only connected to two bunker doors which are just above rockets. And Also even if it get destroyed and signals become inactive still all will remain fine as its output is connected with two continuous Buffer gate that we talked above point no.1. One other way of taking meteorite damage is when rocket had landed during unsafe time by breaking the doors and broken bunker doors allow the meteorite to pass through so it will damage the things inside launch tube. So From Above two points we can decide the delay time between Rocket detection and Door opening based on Giving Importance to: First How much long we want the Safe time window for Safe Rocket Landing without Breaking Bunker Doors (Broken bunker will also cause meteorite damage during shower) and Second How much meteorite damage we can afford inside Launch Tube during the time of door left opened. Longest Safe time window is possible with lowest Delay time of 0 second and Least Meteorite Damage is possible with longest Delay Time of 160 Seconds. For me After safeguarding the rocket scanner by not opening the Bunker Doors above it I didn't needed to worry about Meteorite Damage to any things like for Ladders. So I choose 0 second as Delay. 9.As soon as Rocket Incoming is detected before 200 seconds by the scanner its output become active and also output after two Buffer gate(two for holding Active input for 250 seconds long explained earlier for 250 seconds hold up ) become Active which splits in two First goes to filter gate which provide delay for door opening time i took it as 0 second (Explained earlier why 0 second) the output goes to OR gate in right which opens up the bunker doors and it is safe for doors for rocket landing.(Buffer gates are in Left side just below top Gantry and Filter gate is in Center) 10.The other Output which splits from buffer gate goes to two continuous Filter Gate which provide 245 seconds(must be less than 250 seconds of buffer gate hold up time) of delay for gantry opening. The Active output from filter gate will goes to Reset port of Memory Toggle which will set its output to Inactive and the Not gate connected to its output will give Active Output to Gantry and it will open up.(Filter Gates are in left side just below gantry and Memory Toggle is above it behind gantry and not gate is beside it ) 11.After Landing of Rocket output from scanner will become Inactive so does of buffer gate followed by filter gate then OR gate and then door will be closed.Max time for which door can remain open after rocket landing will be equal to 250 seconds equal to delay in buffer gates. 12.Also as soon as gantry is opened the output of NOT gate connected to gantry input becomes Inactive so does the input for power shutoff connected to power supply of scanner so power supply for scanner is paused and scanner is switched off.(Not Gate and Power shutoff are in lower left corner) Actually I have a three rocket adjacent setups and all automation were made of thermium to prevent melting. I also made a video of rocket launching and landing Launching Oxygen Not Included Launching.mp4 Landing Oxygen Not Included Landing.mp4 If You want Scanner Detector Network of 6 scanner for 100% efficiency Video of detector network working (My previous setup not of same that i used in above but both are same) Detector Network and auto regolith digging.mp4 EDIT: Later I realized that the two buffer doors combined delay time plus the time for which signal in rocket scanner remains active during launching (Yes also during launch rocket scanner gives active output for the period of time just after liftoff and till rocket goes out of map in space) can't be greater than 245 seconds of gantry opening time because due to fact that during launching rocket scanner active output and it will cause the gantry to be opened after 245 second of launching also which we don't want we only want gantry to be opened after rocket buffer gate delay time should be less than 245 seconds minus the time for which signal in rocket scanner remains active during launching. and this time for rocket comes to be same as landing time of 35-40 seconds.So buffer gate delay time reduces to 210 seconds (250(previous delay time) - 40(the time for which signal in rocket scanner remains active during launching) = 210 ). And reducing it will cause us to get decreased duration for safe landing possible time window. So now we have to give both buffer gate combined delay of 210 second or we can only use one buffer gate with 200 second. Now The Rockets which are not safe and which will break the Bunker Doors are those which is scheduled to be detected just after fully closing of scanner network door and before the 150 seconds of ending of shower for shower of greater than 70 sec [110(previous safe shower)-40(the time for which signal in rocket scanner remains active during launching) = 70]. But we already know all showers are greater than 100 sec so for all showers.
  11. Save File Editor

    Can we change geyser appearance as well when changing emission type or any chance to get an update for that?