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Duplicant motion sensor range

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Hi !

It could sound strange, but I would like to have Duplicant motion sensor range 1 tile left & right more. I'll explained myself.

Usually "Rooms" with bonus are 64 m² (yes, not all, I know. But usually...). Considering dups having 4 tiles range (2 full tile above their heads), most of players are doing 4 tiles height room (yes, not all, I know. But usually... :) that's the "simple" design). To reach 64m², ususally (again !?) players who are doing 4 tiles vertically also do 16 tiles horizontally.

Motion sensor have 5 tiles wide, so to cover the whole floor, 3 isn't enough (3x5 =15. No kidding !). We need one more for... 1 tile. (well... 4 tiles to be exact, but only 1 on the floor).

The recent updates are pushing us for lighting up those rooms, If we can cover the whole room with 3 sensors, that would be less invasive than 4. Especially considering that those sensors are visually nice, but a bit invasive also (maybe a bit too big ? I've no strict opinion).

Then to help us customizing those, another idea suggested by another player on General Discussion :adding a slider to adjust the range ? From 1 tile wide to 4, so ?

Thanks Klei ! Keep up the good work !

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