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the abyssalite had been created to be the new material and therefore at the time was the hardest, and because it is a material that has no comparative to a real material, it was accepted that it was the hardest, but what happened was that he suffered 2 nerfs, first one that took away his possibility of use in constructions and decreased "even if little" the heat transfer of raw material, now we have another nerf that he is no longer the hardest material of the game which makes him extremely Bad, by the way.

now the hardest materials are obsidian and diamond, and that's where the mohs scale comes in, which determines the hardness of materials in real life
Obsidian is between 5 ~ 6
and the diamond is the hardest with 10

is it not very strange that materials with such distinct hardnesses are considered the hardest, when other materials could occupy these places in their category?

in my opinion should return to what was before, which was abyssalite and diamond being the hardest

in addition to adding new gems, maybe just to be polished and placed on pedestals or serve as window blocks "for the beginning of the game, who knows"

and there goes a scale of hardness to have idea, based on some elements that exist in the game



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