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Right Edge of the Game Map needs more dead space

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Okay-  We need a bit more space to the  far right edge of the game screen when scrolled all the way to the far right of the game world-  

Currently the inventory list covers up everything almost on the right side of the game window  and when you reach the far right of the game map, it covers up the edge and its hard to see stuff without having to collapse every category.    (usually I have to hit Shift-S and zoom out to see - but this is not very friendly or easy for new players)

If you could please pad more dead space or neutronium to the far right - it would help greatly. 


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56 minutes ago, I_Link_I said:

Why dont you close the subsection and scroll a little bit up?

I know that is an option but  let's say I have all of them open.    Its just quality of life.    annoying every time I want to view the sides.

Like I said,  it's easier to just Shift-S and zoom out than manually close the inventory list and then reopen them all after I'm done looking at the sides.

Closing them and then reopening them all is tedious.


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