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Custom vs re-roll

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Its a lot better than it used to be, but now we have planet modifiers. For the most part you have 3 types of people. 1st type only re-roll a few times, 2nd will spend up to 10 min or so getting good rolls and the poor 3rd will spend hours getting "their" perfect roll. 

Can we just get a custom button next to random? The new dupe interest re-roll system is nice for all but type 3 :p  Planets are another story. Plus seed sharing is all but useless if we can't control the modifiers. A seed with large boulders is not going to be the same as one without them. Could even add a points system for  achievements or challenge. IE tera map with a zero modifier total for achievements to work  or -X hard mode challenge. Enforcing a number just means someone will mod it away. 

Would really help people that want to start in a specific way. uber to terrabad.  

unrelated - 9 out 10 times I'm a type 2.

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