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  1. 1. Eventually some H2 will escape due to dupes breathing - O2 and CO2 packets will move unpredictably. Especially if you use mealwood for glossys and dupes will run back and forth fertilizing and harvesting crops. 2. Dreckos will aimlessly crawl on the floor outside of the H2 layer for quite a while. 3. If some drecko eventually make it to the ceiling, it will take ages for grooming/shearing call.
  2. Hats' function is to easily distinguish area of responsibility of dupes in a crowded base. Learned skills already give some permanent boost. Making dupes "gooder at what they do good" at no cost is imbalance itself. Moreover, "+1 hats" will lead to micromanagement hell changing miner's helmet to artist's cap and back again 10 times per cycle trying to achieve maximum efficiency and people abusing certain hat irrelevant to dupe's activity. E.g., every colony would be stuffed with plumbers if plumber's hat allow to freely walk through water airlocks. Not to mention another forum war with people complaining one hat being over/underpowered. IMO hats doing their job quite fine being cosmetic accessory. I may put any hat on any dupe. Please leave this choice to me and not to pressing circumstances. Now I may even decide to leave that poor dupe completely hatless and irish. Except for you Mi-Ma, this hairstyle is awful please wear anything.
  3. I think I've got what you're trying to tell. You can check "buildings" in the filtration menu when you cancelling if you want to cancel only tile build order. Also
  4. Custom vs re-roll

    As far as I know, modifiers are tied to seeds.
  5. Feed 'em to sage hatches. Eggs can be cooked without any dupe activity, simply toss them in some hot place via automation and serve to little cannibals.
  6. Haircut Machine

    Since only the appearance of dupes is important to him. What about their soul you chauvinistic scoundrel?! And their skills 'cause I'm an bloodsucking exploiter. :3
  7. [REQUEST] Re:Suits

    Trade me for this prettiness! I'm enough new and insignificant!
  8. You can replace ordinary tile with airflow/mech/any other type of tiles. If you need a different material though... Plan ahead and pay attention.
  9. Well there's quite an update coming soon - reworked wheezeworts, wild crops planting etc, so... I'd like preservation to be gone but only with one important addition - dupes preferring food closer to expiration date. There are. Most crops grow for >5 cycles, wild ones for several times more. Sure, I can plant them with intervals so one portion will grow today and other will tomorrow but I'd love my farmers and cooks not to run back and forth every day. IMO, the best option is to revert "sterile environment" and "refrigerated" effects. Or maybe preserve food only in the kitchen room. Or only in the refrigerator placed in the kitchen. P.S.: Don't suggest chlorine environment! I became attached to Chemical Burns mod and don't want my dupes severe burned every lunch...
  10. Lack of kItchens were mentioned lots of time but hell we need 'em. IMO the best boost for kitchen would be a slower food decay rate. Primo, you'd just threw all the food in some CO2 pit anyways so this boost won't be OP. Secundo, fridge placed in the kitchen could stop food decaying for good so it would be a point to place a fridge after all except as some fancy food compactor. Tercio, maybe that 1 kcal leftover in the grill/oven WONT ROT THATS FRUSTRATING AS HECK.
  11. About airlocks. I've fiddled with an airlock design found on Reddit and came to this: Takes not so much place - 7x2+1 (roughly 7x3 counting piping). Full vacuum in ~6-7 seconds with outside gas pressure ~2 kg. Thanks to syrup-denced physics (resulting in pumping mkg packets) and lack of gas mixing this one is fairly reliable, allowing dupes to run straight through without waiting for actual vacuuming. In quite a few tests with various interior/exterior pressure only couple of gas packets broke through and only through the left doors (outside the main base). Only weak spot I've met is slowpoke dupe blocking inner door open, adding non-venting space and causing aforementioned mkg pumping. Could be fixed with some pressure plate juggling (opening outer door opposite to the one dupe is snuggled up so he would step in that direction closing both doors) but for me this way is fine too. Also: hello world.