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power / energy text flaws

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the graph "average power produced" shows "average energy produced".

in game I can't do much with this number anyway i'd rather see an average power produced like it states.
with that i can directly see if my current power generators are sufficient for my demand current demand.

i know i can just calculate the power from that. so it's fine if it stays this way. but fix the text then so it shows what it says it shows.

I noticed that power and energy is often mixed up in the game texts

like the smart battery is can't store power but it stores runoff energy

the circuit overview says "power stored" which should be "energy stored"

the coal generater "converts coal into electrical energy" not power, power says how fast it can convert.

i found these 3 examples with a quick glance so i'm sure there are quite a few more, most likely the same mistake is made with every electrical building that stores or converts

energy = J
power = J/s = W

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I agree it would be nice to have text for 'power produced' and 'power spent' in Kw (like real-time value) - this helps testing how much of power produced by specific buildings at the peaks of consumption 

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