Woodlegs Tweaks

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Woodlegs receives a sanity boost from looting X-Marks the spots and Bandit Camps (around 15-20)

Woodlegs receives a sanity boost from reading the Message in a Bottles.

Woodlegs gets a sanity boost from stealing from the shops. The bigger the score the bigger the sanity boost. Might be accidentally super overpowered with how easy it is to steal items late/midgame but the ideas there.  

Pepperbox Pistol: (Woodlegs only item)

Honestly, whats a pirate without his pistol?

The "Pepperbox" A small pistol with a wooden handle and a sweet carving on the side, more of a novelty item then anything.

Dropped by the Slot Machine (Rare Chance)

Pepperbox Stats:

Fueled by gunpowder like the Blunderbuss, but can shoot from any distance.

200 Damage shot. 

Right click to take aim for bonus damage. 

Has a chance to miss the target in the wind. Like a 25% hit chance in the wind.


Woodlegs doesn't like sleeping on the ground.

Receives half of the sleeping sanity when sleeping on the ground. 

Can sleep in boats, not rafts. (rowboat, armored, encrusted, and the "Sea Legs")

Sleeping in a boat through the night breaks it for half of what damage it would take if you stood in it all night. 

On land, Woodlegs can have nightmares and not gain sanity from the nights sleep.

Let me know what you think in the comments, I might update this later. 

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40 minutes ago, Peanotchio said:


Well, you might want to think of some downsides to his new abilities because almost everything here is buffing him in a huge way. Some may very well be broken. And considering that he already is the most powerfull Shipwrecked character, I dont see why he needs a whole lot of buffs. You might want to explain why he should have them first other that for flavour. Also I think he would have too many different abilities. One character shouldnt have more than 4-5 perks or it gets confusing.

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