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Looking for power saving bunker doors - scanners automation

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Hello everyone! Besides the obvious delay from scan accuracy, I can't implement a circuit that shuts off the power to the scanners for the al least 100 seconds of every meteor shower and at least 300 seconds of break. I tried but really logic isn't my strenght, plus the signal fluctuates if the scanners are repowered while the storm is still lasting.. I guess a memory toggle would solve the problem but I just don't understand how they work :shock:. Also such system would allow me to implement detection of peace periods with analogic clocks should I feel the need.
Can anyone share an image or explanation?
The only "guides" I could find are about pulse scanning, which is too exploity for my liking!

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9 hours ago, bleeter6 said:


Here's what I've got. The automation wires to either side extend to the rest of my scanner setup. This way when the meteor show starts only one scanner is on and providing the signal.

Wow, thanks, that looks to be exactly what I need!
A couple questions just to be sure I undestand.. The scanner setup on the sides, they are also all on not gates right? Then then AND gate between them in the center is redundant right?
The main scanner signal, after the NOT gate, is working as the refresh for the memory toggle, corret?
Finally, you are not making use of your scanner quality to delay the closing of buker doors and maximize light are you? That would  just need a filter on the final output right?

Thank you!

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