Rabbits: The Perfect Food

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So I started a new world yada yada, and I found the most magnificent thing! A pig king and a beefalo herd very close to one another! This was, undoubtedly, the perfect world. But 17 days later a harsh realization started to sink in, there were no rabbits to be found around me.

Only then did it occur to me how dependent I've been on hunting rabbits, and now every day is a struggle to "Don't Starve". A doable struggle, but for the very first time I thought I was actually in danger of starving to death, especially with winter encroaching soon.

In every previous world I've felt compelled to always settle in large savannahs, if not just for the beefalo, but also for the huge abundance of rabbits. Even during winter I could still hunt and gather mass amounts of rabbit meat with ease. I'm starting to think now this should be tweaked a bit.

I suggest drastically reducing the rabbit holes found in savannahs, whiles upping them just a tad in every other biome, preferably so that they do appear in every one, save for swamps and barren rocky lands and what not of course.

Being able to find one or two rabbit holes somewhere wont be much for constant hunting, but will prove more profitable when using traps around them, since a new rabbit will spawn from the same hole when the old rabbit is caught.

Not only will this make mid to late game hunger more of a starving issue, but will also make greater incentive to build and use animal traps, increasing their value to the player. While hopefully not leaving them totally screwed for food.


Nerf savannah rabbit holes, up em in other biomes a tad, will make not starving more interesting and animal traps more useful.


This doesn't take honey, beefalo, or pigs into account as food sources, and I'm not sure why it should. I feel rabbits are simply too ultimate for food and makes it easy to never starve in savannahs. Beefalo and Pigs adressed below..

On Beefalo and Pigs:

I'm not sure how to successfully hunt these creatures without near death or guaranteed death experiences, and find it hard to view them as even remotely stable sources of food without Abigail, or the pig mafia. If anyone would like to educate me on this please do.

On Pig Followers vs Beefalo:

This idea for hunting beefalo is a bit of a conundrum, you need meat to give to the pigs to help you go and hunt the meat. If you some how managed to get the meat to raise a pig army to hunt beefalo for more meat, you have to hope they are close enough to each other, which is a very rare instance. If you could acquire the meat to give to the pigs to begin with, why would you need to hunt beefalo for meat? This can be done if you have lots of rabbits yes, and beefalo meat is better then morsels, but you can live off morsels indefinitely anyway, making it a rather moot point. The only other alternative is monster meat for pigs, a bit risky, and harkens back to the "are pigs near beefalo?" argument.

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