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[iOS] Shipwrecked - Missing Important Stuff

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Lovefire    0
I play DST on steam and love it, and adding this to my iPad Pro as been great, but Im finding that with the lack of mods its hard to stay into this game; but some minor things that could be added to rectify this would be:
1. Adding a mini map to the HUD, that has an adjustable zoom, and size (square or rectangle)
2. Adding the ability for the item dock and backpack to be organized and “locked by item type” (ex: the dock is separated by 5 block sections, so being able to hold an item and have an option to “lock to this section only” would make it so much easier to have my item “always be in the same place when they are unequipped, so i know where they are and don't panic when night comes or i need a weapon asap.
3. Supporting the ability to change the name of custom presets, and make your own description.
4. Adding map rotation buttons that look like curved pointing arrows (only 2 are needed; rotate left / rotate right) this makes it easier to rotate map. Using screen gestures can be a pain sometimes.
This is about it; add this stuff and aside for the minor bugs this game would be a GOLD NUGGET  (Do it for Charlie, or he will be very sad )


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