Hard Boil challenge - crashes on unpause, is there a version for the new build? :(


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4 hours ago, Ellilea said:

I wanted to play this after I saw one YouTube fella fail at it miserably, but alas, it seems impossible to run it :<

Is there a working version somewhere? @Oozinator




Hello @Ellilea

there exists no actual version to play, sry.
Devs changed too much for it. Job / skill system and some other things.
It would be too much work, to preconfigure dupes, to get it working again(dupes would need dig/build skill and it would need endless times to playtest, to add some "time tolerance" but not too much, to make it not easy/boring).

Perhaps devs deliver some better tools, to create scenarios like that, when ONI get's finally final, but ONI was (for me) much more fun to play with and experiment at that time, i made the map :)
Gas deletion/duplication/transformation was not a problem those days back, but now it is.
Whole stress system was different and dupes had whole time, very high stress on that map, was fun to watch.
I really miss the old ONI.
Borg cube aka Perlator V2 mini based on thin layer of fluid heat deletion bug, no longer working too.
That bug was "fixed", but we got many more bugs in exchange for that..

That archieve mechanics of forum threads sucks very much for me..

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