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Need mod help! Speech file error+sprite

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Hi! Okay so uh I've been trying to make a mod for a bit now but I keep getting an error when trying to load the mod, I've edited the speech file to how I'd like it but it keeps saying:


[00:01:11]: ModIndex:GetModsToLoad inserting moddir,     Waltz the Herbalist    
[00:01:11]: Could not load mod_config_data/modconfiguration_Waltz the Herbalist_staging    
[00:01:11]: Loading mod: Waltz the Herbalist Version:    
[00:01:11]: Mod: Waltz the Herbalist    Loading modworldgenmain.lua    
[00:01:11]: Mod: Waltz the Herbalist      Mod had no modworldgenmain.lua. Skipping.    
[00:01:11]: Mod: Waltz the Herbalist    Loading modmain.lua    
[00:01:11]: MOD ERROR: Waltz the Herbalist: Mod: Waltz the Herbalist    
[00:01:13]: Event data unavailable: lavaarena_event_server/lavaarena_achievement_quest_defs
[00:01:13]: error loading module 'speech_waltz' from file '../mods/Waltz the Herbalist\scripts\speech_waltz.lua':
    [string "cannot OLDFILEACCESSMETHOD @../mods/Waltz the Herbalist\scripts..."]:542: '}' expected (to close '{' at line 540) near 'DEAD'
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
        =[C] ?
        =[C] in function 'require'
        ../mods/Waltz the Herbalist/modmain.lua(54,1) in main chunk
        =[C] in function 'xpcall'

That's only a lil piece of it and as well as the sprite issue, I replaced the speech file with Webbers' to see if my sprite will show up but it only shows the template character instead of my own, it doesn't crash but I want to know what I can fix. It'll be lovely if someone could help even a little bit!

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