PAUSE on Single OFFLINE play

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Have you ever tried to game with screaming children.

The fact that logging out and starting up a server appears to be the ONLY way to PAUSE and the fact that it takes SOOO LONG to load a server again mean that I cannot play this game.


I own 4 copies of this game.  (Don't Starve, Don't Starve together, physical and digital, for two xbox accounts and on steam).


Can we PLEASE add a PAUSE for OFFLINE?

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Exactly my sentiments. I love playing All DS variants, and I understand the rational - if you are playing DST, Together!

But, like you, I was led to believe that it could be played single player, offline.

So, how do I go pee? How do I feed the cat?

There is some mod, I think an AFK style thing, but posts seem to indicate that time still passes, ( I just won't get killed ).  Any ideas or knowledge out there?

  I love playing with the world adjustment of :

             1. More Tallbirds

  plus    2. More Pigs

I get a lot more action and meat, but the Tallbirds are Everywhere!  It's great adrenaline fun, but I'm not ready for a catheter...

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