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Sincere question about servers

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I am fairly new to online gaming in general. I have been playing Rainbow Six Siege for about a year and we started playing DST about 3 or 4 months ago, so I don't have a lot of knowledge in the technical aspects of online multiplayer games.

I was hoping one of the Klei developers or technicians wouldn't mind explaining the overall concept of online gaming servers and what are the main difficulties for multiplayer game companies regarding keeping them working so the game remains accessible and playable.

I ask because out of two online multiplayer games I play, two have issues with connection on a regular basis, and I just want to understand what is happening when I lose connection.

As it stands, I get fairly upset if I'm in the middle of something "important" and my connection fails due to server issues, but I thought maybe if I knew the companies side of it and what they have to do to keep it running smoothly I'd at least understand the complexities that could be at the root of the problem, which would make me less apt to jump to misguided conclusions and more likely to keep a level head when it happens.

Anyway, I hope there are some good insights to come and thanks for your time :)



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Just FYI, in case anyone else was wondering about servers, my husband asked his client (an indie game company) for me what could cause the issues with lag, and he was told the most likely reason is that either the company in question started small and with a vertical scaling server and is either trying to accommodate the number of players by adding to it or they are ironing out communication kinks in a horizontal scaling server.
He said most indie companies start with vertical servers because they are easier, faster to implement and more cost effective, but if their game grows enough to support it they will switch to a horizontal scaling server which takes a lot of resources and many times learning a whole new set of tech skills, but is much better at being able to accommodate large numbers of people at one time.

I don't know if either of these are the issue with Klei, I just thought it was an interesting insight to how things sometimes work. 

Plus, I'm sure there must be other reasons as well. Just curious.

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