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Pipes, pollen and language

Guest aresd

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Guest aresd

Do not consider this an ultimatum, I just share a thought)

- the possibility of changing the length of the bridge pipe, so that you can build, for example, separate pipe sewers and the base would be more orderly and beautiful
- The role of pollen is completely incomprehensible. Just for the sake of a stick in a wheel? Why not introduce an insect that will destroy it? So it would be more logical
- the finished official translation into Russian in the release. Now it's a mix with English. I tried translations from the mods section, but I didn’t like any of them. there all names are changed just for the sake of change. It hurts the eyes.
- cosmetic idea. Color or mark the pipes to indicate which gas or liquid will flow through them. In my opinion, it would look interesting enough.

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Longer bridges were suggested many times. Not only for pipes but also wires and automation where they would be even more useful.

As for pollen you mean floral scents right? It was supposed to be a positive germ (it gives a stress reduction) except for dupes with allergies. The current allergy reaction is too strong and the devs commented they are going to reduce it for release.

I`m not sure who does the translations. If they do an official version i`m pretty sure it will be done for release. There will alos be a preview of the final release towrds the end of the month so translators could work with that and get the missing words translated before release.

Colored pipes were also suggested, alongside coloring walls and signs that could hold some info on what the pipe is or what the perfect flow through the valve should be.

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