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Own server keep disconnecting

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Hi, guys. After the character update, when I host my game, I keep disconnect from my own server. And, it made the server closing which cause everybody else disconnect. I have tried getting on different network and tried reinstall the game. I checked the both server log, it does not have any special erroro message. It usually start the closing sequence with [time]: World 1332781956 is now disconnected. From the server side behavior, it looks like server just shutdown without any proper closing process. When I restart the world, I will start at the point where I started last time. The save point does not seems created during server shutdown. From client side, it looks like all the sudden I have connection problem, then the game exit. 

I have my first speculation, the server process somehow killed shutdown prematurely. But, when I checked my resource usage, There is plenty of resource left. I also make sure the firewall has grant both private and public access to both Don't starve together and the dedicated server app. Then I start the game in administrator mode and the same problem still happened. 

I was able to run server fine before the new character update. Then, I can no longer host any game properly. The disconnect problem occur usually within 1-2 in-game day. Once it lost connection I have to start the game from the latest save point, which is usually the morning of the in-game day. Please, anyone have experienced this and how did you solve this before? Would this just be a bug for current version? I had my friends hosting server on her laptop, and everything was fine. She does not have a good laptop, and hosting a server is a bit too much for her. I would like to host the game on my PC.

PC spec:

[OS: Windows 10 build 17763

CPU: I7-9700k


Graphic: RTX2080]

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5 hours ago, Auth said:

To help with this, and this may seem like a stupid question, but are you running any server or client mods?

Yes. However I disable all the mod and the same problem still happen. Then I had my friend ran the same mod on her laptop, everything was fine. 

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Alright, just had to make sure this was an issue with the base game. Thank you!

I see you also already made a post in the Bug Tracker area of the forums. The Klei devs will likely communicate with you there for future reference, just be patient with it all.

On an unrelated note, Welcome to The Forums!

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